1993-1995, 30 paintings on handmade paper

“These paintings are about a double heritage, an exile twice lived; a land once shared, and a possible future… The desert is an open book where the supple curves of Arabic and the sculptural presence of Hebrew could coexist. In the center, a broken line, a scar, silent breath before words, between worlds.”   -- Carol Naggar

“Naggar adroitly exploits the possibilities of man-made paper in some paintings, using the natural folds and buckles as integral compositional elements. In her “Spell” series, the paper functions just as normal paper on canvas except for the frayed edges and gentle bleeding of the colors. But in other works, the topographical aspect of the paper is paramount. Different layers of paper and pulp accumulations create ridges and cracks that almost invite the viewer to run their hands over the surface… Rthe vibrant reds of some pictures such as “Spell 44” (1995) evoke images of a fresh wound, intriguing but not serene.”   -- Caroline Marvin

“Into these paintings we are invited as if into the wilderness to observe the silence before uttering the sounds, voicing the hopes. Before the creation there was the void. And the shared past . And now, on a shrinking planet, the common future.”   -- Fred ritchin