Pigment, rusted iron, Sumie-ink on handmade Nepalese paper

Going back to a technique I had used ten years ago, I started the Oxidations seriesinspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, an aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience. Derived from Buddhism, this concept stresses the serenity that comes with age, when the life of an object is evidenced by its patina and wear. Offsetting the small irregularities of the surface in a handmade paper where fragments of plants are visible under the off-white surface, I worked rapidly, firts using the broad gestures of Sumi-e painting then tracing shapes made with grains of metal, that I watered, to age and rust on the paper’s surface. I wanted to create a tension, a dance of sorts, between the decisiveness and speed of the gesture, and the trace inscribed by the rust into the surface, that closely follows the original curves and repeats them like a shadow, a ghost or a memory. In painting, time passes twice- in the instant of the gesture and in the duration of this tracing. Like old manuscripts bearing calligraphies from unknown alphabets, I hope that these works acquire the presence of objects that have been rolled by the tides of time.